Sunday, April 28, 2013


I wasn't able to make it up for the jog this morning.....just too many late nights (but it was WORTH it!).  However, I got to spend some wonderful time with my brother, and that was worth it.

We got to the park just before the Stadium Jumping began.  The sky looked threatening, but once again we dodged a bullet with the weather:  it spat a bit, but the rain only came after the event was finished.

It was obvious that several of the horses, while fit, were tired, as evidenced by the HUGE number of rails that rained down around the jumps.  I think there were only three or four clear rounds all day.

Both William Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson went clean, leaving them one and two.  These men rode quiet, so supple, and WITH  their horses that they couldn't help but leave the rails up.

I got a text from Peter Atkins' groom after stadium asking if I wanted to come meet Henny--who wouldn't?  So I "walked in like I owned the place" (I did have a special "friend of the competitor" pass), and by golly, I was able to go right to Henny's stall.  I got to see Peter, meet his wife, get to know the groom's son, and--get this--she didn't want to take Henny's braids out, so I offered to.  I got to take Henry Jota Hampton's braids out!

Had a lovely evening with my family again, at the Gray Goose in Paris.

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