Monday, April 22, 2013

Gearing Up!

Once again, it's time to visit my wonderful brother and his family in Paris, KY.  This visit seems to always fall on the last weekend of April....amazing how that happens.  Of course, I felt the need to visit him in December last year, too, which coincided with me trying out my new "Mini-Paddy", Irish Tom.  My brother lives close to ALL the cool things!  Perhaps one day I'll stay an extra week to the first Saturday in May and then watch the Kentucky Derby, too.

Cheering for several people this year.  First, Peter Atkins and Henny--because he's been so kind (as has his groom) to me.  He seems to embody the true spirit of eventing:  work hard, and be generous.

Gotta cheer for Jessica Phoenix and Exponential.  I got to meet Jessica when I went to Ocala to try out horses (I even petted her Rolex pony!).  She sold me Windsor High, aka Bart (well, she was the agent for her young rider).  What a kind, wonderful person.   I really enjoyed meeting her.

I'm also cheering for Heather Gillette and Questy, since I think she's another person who fits into the "kind, generous, hard worker" camp.  She helped me look for my new Pony, and even though I ended up going with yet another Irish boy, I was sorely tempted by her former campaigner.

As always, I'll stand in awe of folks like William Fox Pitt, Phillip Dutton, Becky Holder, Andrew Nicholson, Mary King...heck, everyone who's there.  And once again, I'll be fence judging on Saturday.  I'll find out which fence on Friday pm.

This year, my NM buddy Cynthia is coming, but with her hubby, so they're staying at a local B&B.  My old partner in crime from Midland, Karen, will be staying at my brother's house, and so will Stacy of Team Taco fame.

Here's to the best Rolex yet!

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